Pikachu Inu: Where and How to Buy In 2022

Introducing Pikachu Inu, a new feature of Coinmarketcap that shows current cryptocurrency prices and market capitalizations. In order to provide users with comprehensive information about the cryptocurrency market, a group of developers created this website. In addition to providing users with an overview of the cryptocurrency market, the Coinmarketcap Pikachu Inu also provides users with a list of the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency prices are available in real-time on the site and are easy to use.

Users who are interested in understanding the cryptocurrency market will find the Coinmarketcap Pikachu Inu useful. Cryptocurrency market insights and the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies are available on the site.

PIKACHU – What is it?

Through the use of Dapps for Cryptoasset Management and CryptoAsset Price Tracking, this Ethereum project combines memes with utility. There are four main MVPs we offer: PikaSwap, PikaDash, PikaTools, and PikaNFT. A decentralized exchange that makes purchasing $PIKACHU easy for newcomers using a variety of wallets and in the future, purchasing it directly from a third party.

Holders can view the status of their current holdings, the amount of passive income they received, and much more with PikaDash. In addition to checking the current price of $PIKACHU, PIKATOOLS allows users to view graphs, recent transactions, and more about the Ethereum ecosystem. NFT platforms often lack the user-friendly experience that comes with monetizing art. The PikaNFT Platform allows holders to create their own NFTs, list them, and browse other NFT projects.

In October 2021, PIKACHU became tradable for the first time. There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. PIKACHU currently has a market capitalization of USD $2,160,868.47. PIKACHU is currently trading at $2.16e-9 on Coinmarketcap and has recently surged 47.51 percent.

Although PIKACHU is listed on a number of crypto exchanges, it cannot be purchased directly with fiat money. In this guide article, we will show you in detail how to buy PIKACHU by first purchasing USDT from any fiat-to-crypto exchange and then transferring to the exchange that trades this coin.

Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Registration

The editorial team of our website highly recommends KuCoin as your first crypto exchange if you are a non-US citizen. The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2017 and has proven to be reliable over the years. The app includes both Android and iOS apps, as well as a simple user interface. In recent weeks, it has introduced several fiat-to-crypto gateways as well as peer-to-peer trading.

This exchange platform has a very large trading volume and average liquidity, indicating that it is stable. As of now, it offers over 700 trading pairs, which means it supports a wide variety of altcoins, and the withdrawal/deposit process is simple and quick.

The following fiat guide will tell you how to exchange fiat for crypto in the United States. To purchase USDT (USDT), you must first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies. Uphold.com and Bybit.com, two of the most commonly-used fiat-to-crypto exchanges, will be outlined in detail in this article. The two exchanges have different fees and other features, which we will discuss in detail. You should try both of them and decide which one is best for you.

Using Fiat Money to purchasye USDT

Choose your preferred payment method, then choose the amount of BTC you want to purchase. In addition to credit cards, ByBit also offers bank transfers and other payment options, depending on your location. According to our tests, the fastest way is to use a credit card, which has a relatively low fee. You can also use bank transfers or third parties like MoonPay, but the identity verification process is more complicated.

See read more below to learn more. Based on your choice of verification method, the process may take up to an hour. Buying from P2P sellers is also an option on ByBit. Using this method is at your own risk since these sellers are not associated with ByBit and operate independently.

Transfer USDT to an Altcoin Exchange

The transfer of USDT to an exchange where PIKACHU can be traded is still left. We will use BitMart here since PIKACHU is an altcoin. It has a large number of tradable altcoin pairs on BitMart, which is a popular exchange for trading altcoins.  The Cayman Islands BitMart exchange trades cryptocurrencies.  The service was made available to the public in March 2018. There is an impressive amount of liquidity at BitMart.

When this review was last updated (20 March 2020), BitMart’s 24-hour trading volume was USD 1.8 billion during the COVID-19 crisis. According to Coinmarketcap’s list of exchanges with the highest 24-hour trading volume, BitMart ranked 24 on the list. It goes without saying that there will not be a thin order book if you start trading here.

There are many exchanges that do not accept investors from the USA as customers. BitMart does not appear to be one of those exchanges. Regardless of their citizenship or residency, US-investors who wish to invest here should form their own opinions.

Make PIKACHU trades

Cryptocurrencies that can be used on Binance are constantly being reviewed and added. Follow the step-by-step guide below to purchase Pikachu Inu, which is not currently listed on Binance. You will learn how to buy Pikachu Inu using your Binance account by connecting your crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Download Metamask Wallet

Metamask appears to be the most integrated crypto wallet on the Ethereum network. Download Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension if you are using a desktop computer. If the wallet is available on Google Play or the iOS App Store, you can download it using your phone. Visit Metamask’s website to download the official Chrome extension and mobile app.

Metamask setup

The wallet can be registered and configured through the wallet’s Chrome extension or through the mobile app that you downloaded in Step 1. For more information, please refer to the wallet’s support page. Remember your wallet address and seed phrase.Your base currency should be Ethereum

To purchase Ethereum, login to your Binance account and go to the Buy & Sell crypto webpage. Those who are new to Binance can refer to our How to Buy Ethereum guide for details on registering and buying their first cryptocurrency.

Binance Ethereum to Crypto Wallet

If you have bought Ethereum with Binance, you can find it in the wallet section of your Binance account. Fill out the required information and click on withdraw. Enter Ethereum as the network, your wallet address, and the amount you wish to transfer. When your Ethereum appears in Metamask, click the withdraw button. Trade Your Ethereum With the Coin You Want to Get.

Find Pikachu Inu’s Smart Contract if it Doesn’t Appear

The smart contract address can be found at Etherscan.io if your desired coin is not listed on the DEX. Once you have copied and pasted it into 1inch, you can format it as you wish. Ensure you have the official contract address and beware of scams.

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